Professional fire extinguisher 
installation in Wiltshire

We specialise in the supply, installation and maintenance of fire extinguishers.

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Bespoke fire equipment for businesses across the South West

At Radcliffe Fire Protection Ltd, we are certified to supply and install all types of fire extinguishers, including CO2 extinguishers, water, AFFF foam, dry powder and wet chemical extinguishers in various sizes. They are available in standard red or stainless steel. Our products come with the British Kitemark and are BS EN3 approved.

Our engineers are not commission based and work under strict guidelines.

Commissioning of fire extinguishers

New fire extinguishers must be commissioned and serviced before you install them in your business premises. The commissioning of fire extinguishers must be carried out by a qualified fire extinguisher engineer.

Before a fire extinguisher is ready to use, it is essential:
  • For the discharge nozzle to be fitted
  • To install a tamper seal
  • To check the pressure gauge
  • To check the extinguisher for corrosion
A fire extinguisher identification sign should also be installed adjacent to the extinguisher giving details of the type of extinguisher and the types of fire it can be used to extinguish.

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Fire extinguisher maintenance services in Wiltshire

Our engineers are qualified to inspect and maintain portable firefighting equipment. Extinguishers that do not receive an annual service are not compliant to the current British Standards BS 5306.

An extended service, also known as a discharge and refill test is required to be carried out at stipulated intervals, for water, foam, dry powder or wet chemical extinguishers, every 5 years.

CO2 extinguishers should be discharged and refilled every 10 years. However, we will offer you a new unit or service exchange unit which is more economical.

Our service department will remind you when your annual fire extinguisher service is due and make necessary arrangements for an engineer to visit. Contact us to discuss your fire safety requirements.

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