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Fire Alarm Maintenance


When installing a system to protect life and property, automatic fire detection devices are a must to ensure that an alarm is raised with minimum delay between ignition and effective fire fighting action.

Radcliffe Fire Protection will carefully examine the internal layout, including cable runs and detailed location of the equipment in order to establish the number of zones required for the fire alarm system, and the consequent requirement for detectors and call points.

We will also ensure that any system installed meets with the user requirements and the national and local legislation and if necessary liaise with the local fire authority.

Radcliffe Fire Protection will inspect your premises free of charge in order to quote you accurately for an appropriate system in accordance with the appropriate British Standard.


It is a legal requirement that a fire alarm maintenance schedule is in place. The minimum requirement is that the system is serviced on a six monthly basis, however the frequency of the service can be increased to suit the size of the fire alarm system/ building or environment.

The service engineer will: test each call point/ zone at each visit, test each detection device, inspect each detector for damage/ obstructions, check analogue values for any contamination, test the battery and standby period, check the zone plan is accurate and no changes have been made to the premises, check alarm functions and visuals,  check the cause and effect of automatic actions such as lifts and gas supply and investigate any reported faults or false alarms. The engineer will issue a service certificate detailing the content of the test including any faults. All work carried out to comply with the appropriate British Standard BS 5839-1:2013.

Weekly fire alarm tests should be carried out by the responsible person operating the test switch and activation of the system in accordance with manufacturers instruction. Where call points are installed, the alarm system should be testing each week using a different call point in rotation (using a testing key.)


Fire Alarm Maintenance

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