Emergency Lighting Bath

The British Standard BS5266 has been revised to conform with the European Standards EN1838 which specified luminous requirements for emergency systems installed in premises. Luminous lighting is provided for use when supply to normal lighting fails and is therefore powered from a source independent of that supplying normal lighting.

Radcliffe Fire Protection will carefully study and make necessary recommendations for emergency lighting in order for sufficient visibility in the case of evacuation. Our fully qualified engineers will install and maintain the emergency lighting to comply with current legislation.

Your emergency lighting system should be regularly maintained (normally six monthly or annually) depending on the organisation/ environment. Your engineer will perform a drain down test checking each luminaire for correct operation. The engineer will provide a full service certificate detailing the test and any deficiencies found.

As part of your monthly fire safety audit, the responsible person must carry out a monthly emergency light test, testing the operation of the emergency lights to ensure correct operation in accordance with the manufacturers instructions (using a test key) Remember to record each test in the log book and contact your engineer should any deficiencies be found.

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